Determining if the Auto Accident was Your Fault

No one likes to be in a car crash. They are extremely dangerous. Driving large machines at fast paces naturally leads to very serious injuries when things go wrong. This is part of the risk that we accept when we choose to drive on the road. The only thing that is arguably worse than being hit by a car, is hitting someone else with your car. Not only are you just as likely to be injured, but you are at fault. You feel like crap. Everyone is staring at you wondering how you could be so stupid. You know the police will show up and issue you a citation for the accident. As if it would not be expensive enough for you to be without a car for a while and to have to deal with your insurance rates being raised or perhaps your insurance company even dropping you all together. This is not a good thing. The reality is though, everybody gets into car accidents. Most of us will cause an accident at some point in our lives. If you spend enough time on the roads, odds are that you may cause an accident as well. That’s why working with the best car accident attorney in St George is so fulfilling. So if you have recently caused a car accident, there are several things that you should know.

car accident @ vestavia hills
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The first is that you probably still want the police involved. Although you may be nervous about receiving a citation, your insurance rates increasing would be a much larger cost in the long run, so your primary goal should be to combat that. The greatest way to combat the victim forcing your insurance to pay out more than it should, which would likely lead your rates to increase even more, is to have a third party witness statement. You could try to obtain this from a bystander, but the police report is just a phone call away and it is a credible source. Obviously if it is an extremely minor fender bender, and the victim sees no damage and is not even interested in your insurance information, then do not call the police. That would be a rather stupid move. It will take time, and you still might be given a ticket.

The second thing you should know is that your rates will likely go up, but this will take a long time. They almost never increase before your policy term runs up. Even then, they may not increase until a few more policy terms have run up because of the lengthy duration it will take your insurance company to finalize the liability claim against them. If the person that you hit was hurt, and their car was damaged, it could take up to a year or two for them to actually receive the funds from your insurer. For that reason, your rates will likely not go up for a long time because your insurance company will not necessarily raise your rates if they end up not having to pay anything out. They would still have to pay for your own car, but an amount that small will not cause them to drop you. Some insurance companies even have accident forgiveness programs where they will not even consider the affectation if it was your first accident in quite some time. These programs can save you loads of money.

The final thing to know is that if your premiums are raised, they will not be raised forever. The best way to get back to a low rate is to recommit yourself to safe driving. The best car accident attorneys can explain to you exactly how to best protect yourself after an accident.

This article is offered only for general information and educational purposes.  It is not offered as and does not constitute legal advice or legal opinion.  You should not act or rely on any information contained in this article without first seeking the advice of an attorney.  

Internet Advertising and LED Flashers

Internet Advertising

Internet has certainly been a major breakthrough in the world of advertising, but also served to be increased acts of trademark infringement and unfair competition. We will now see two cases of trademark infringement that have had an impact by involving prestigious brand owners and major service providers of the information society.


Finished led flashers

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The Ad Words system is a new form of advertising which the advertiser pays the search engine (Google) to have their ads appear in searches made by users to enter a “keyword”. Being introduced the word; the ad appears, well above either the right side of the search results.

The Ad Words advertising system has been the subject of legal proceedings in different countries, at the request of trademark owners who believe their rights violated to allow users, through the introduction of its trademarks as “keywords”, can access the purchase of counterfeit products or competitor products.

Interestingly lawsuit between Louis Vuitton and GOOGLE, who was elevated to the Court of Justice of the European Union, the Court determining that Google, to provide a service storing keywords referencing shared by brands on behalf of their customers did not incur in trade mark infringement, as there is a use by you of the marks to distinguish goods or services identical to those covered by those. The Court held that the referencing service provider, to the extent that the role play is neutral, i.e. their behavior is merely technical, automatic and passive, with no knowledge or control of the information stored, it incurs unless liability becomes aware that the advertiser is using the trademark illegal and if so failed to act expeditiously to remove or prevent access to them.

However, the Court did consider that the advertiser pays for the referencing service and choosing as a keyword a trademark on the other infringement to mark when the ad does not allow the Internet user to clearly determine whether the goods or services come from trademark holder or a third party.

More recently, the Court has had to return to rule, in a judgment of July 12, 2011, on the problems caused by Internet advertising, this time in the proceedings in which they were involved L’Oreal and eBay.

EBay manages an online electronic marketplace where users can buy and sell products, and also show ads of products offered by people who have eBay seller account. EBay also assists marketers to optimize their offerings, create their online stores, and enables, by selecting keywords through “Ad Words”, see the website link to eBay.

Certain individual defendants offered for sale products either by being forged, either because they are genuine products not intended for sale (samples to consumers), or sold without packaging, L’Oreal felt that they were infringing its trademark rights, and indeed, as determined by the Court.

On the role played by the electronic market operator, and following the doctrine marked in the previous sentence, the Court considers that the service provider does not use the brand establishing infringement when providing a service that is limited to allow their customers submit, on its website, signs corresponding to trademarks. But when the manager plays an active role, allowing you to have knowledge of the details of the offers, when providing the services is to optimize the design of the bids or promote them, or even when not having played an active role of acting diligence, should have inferred the illicit nature of the deals, not acting in this case the data quickly removing or disabling access to, then it must be understood that incurs responsibility. It shall be the national court to determine whether the eBay concur in these circumstances.

In short, although for trademark holders easier take legal action against service providers who sue multiple offenders of their trademarks on the Internet, only declare the liability of providers to the extent that they perform this active role that allows them to have control over the data they store or otherwise have knowledge of the illegality of the actions of their customers.


LED Flashers for shops and stores


The main function of lighted sings is to allow users to recognize your listing, identifying, basically, thanks to his name. Other functions are to show a list of products and / or services and contact details. The development of LED technology has led one step further making them true foreign media.

LED Flashers, thanks to LED technology, are becoming more than mere identity supports an establishment. This type of electronic LED signs allows you to also display information of all kinds and as moving text. Its high brightness attracts attention even in daylight, making your business stand out and differentiate themselves positively from the rest of their environment. But this is only the beginning. Signs advertising graphics are a new type of large format poster reproduced actual video image provided luminosity and dynamism that will make your trade is really the center of attention. You can also display pictures and videos of your products, animations, custom text moving, promotions, offers, discounts and all you can imagine. If you are looking neon signs really effective for your shop or business please contact us and we will inform you without obligation.

Tips for Selling Used Cars

When you’re looking to sell your car, make sure you do a few things first so you’ll be sure to fetch top dollar. Here are a few tricks I learned when recently selling my used car in St George Utah and was able to get top dollar for it. These tricks aren’t revolutionary, but they are helpful when a buyer is deciding between your car and another one. If you could make just a few more adjustments that aren’t terribly difficult then you should take the time. Especially if you’re traveling and need to get ride of the car quickly. There’s been more than once where I had to buy or sell a car while I was traveling with my family.

Camero view...
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The Tips:

Too much gloss creates distrust too much. Glossy arouses suspicion with potential buyers. Who turns as the tire walls with silicone spray almost a mirror surface, could be suspected of wanting to cover up flaws. Also a greasy shiny cockpit is frowned upon for buyers – and an engine wash is interpreted as an attempt to hide leaks. Treatment is worth more than the usual trip to the car wash and vacuuming, however, already offered prior to the sale. During the thorough cleaning can also be done even worth depending on the residual value of the car by a specialized cleaning company. Even a visit to the doctor can bump significantly increase the resale value. Good general condition to a good overall impression of the vehicle contributes, according to the NADA when air pressure and oil and coolant levels are correct. But a bit of patina can not also harm: for example, some remaining dirt under foot or boot mats shows that there is no puddle was drained.

Automobile clubs generally advised to prepare a car before selling them fundamentally. This refers to more than the usual trip to the car wash and the next sucking on the coin box. Depending on the residual value of the vehicle is also a cleaning may be worth by professionals. A critical care offer car dealerships and processing companies.

Used Car Buyer Tips

Who wants to buy or sell a used car, you should follow a few tips. How do I bid as a seller of my car? How do I check the whether the customer has hiden defects in the shiny metal?
A perfect look does not mean that a car is technically in top shape. Many flaws can be traced even without knowledge wrench – if you know where to look. These are some of the flaws I looked for when finding a used cars St George Utah for my family.

This can usually agree well with a test drive. If the seller does not agree: Stay away – he might want to hide something.

Tips for used car buyers

Preliminary arrangements for simplicity of model, year and price facilitate the search for a good used car. In the pre-selection tests provide car on the websites of the trade press and advice on forums such as “motor-talk”. What are typical technical weaknesses have individual models, can be read for example in the NADA breakdown statistics on the website or in the report booklet. If a suitable Used vehicle inspection found that deficiencies search begins with a tour of the car. Different gap sizes on the bumpers, doors and other attachments may indicate a collision damage. The same applies if the production date indicated on the headlights does not coincide with the year of the car – then they were never replaced. Papers examine the service booklet vehicle maintenance should be documented. Many owners in the vehicle documents (certificate part II) may indicate a bad car. More than two plates in five years are suspect.

Photo Credit: Tracey Adams

Different gaps on the hood or the doors may be an indication that the car has an accident behind it. Also rust around the screw of the body parts in the engine compartment may be an indication of this. Mat or color different points in the paint are also indications of previous damage.

A few gaps as possible checkbook and run the audit reports of major and emission testing provide information on the technical condition of the car. Also, the vehicle registration may be an indication: Common-owner changes within a short period of time may indicate a car that has often caused problems.


In an Auto Accident – Working Through Car Insurance and Auto Accidents

Southern Utah drivers often wonder what auto-insurance is required, and what auto-insurance they should get to protect themselves and their families. Utah does require some minimum amounts of liability protection to cover everyone in a truck accident. The state mandatory minimums are 25/65/15. Those numbers refer to policy limit amounts for bodily injury damages per person/total bodily injury damages per incident/property damage to vehicle. Utah also requires that your insurance policy cover the first $3,000 of your own medical expenses regardless of fault after an accident. Unfortunately, having state minimum insurance is not enough to protect you. Those amounts likely will not be enough to repair the harm to yourself or to others that you may crash into. They do not even address paying for damage to your own car. The following breakdown gives basic insight into what to consider when enrolling in a new auto insurance policy.

Fatal Truck Accident Grasmere
Photo Credit: ER24 EMS (Pty) Ltd.

Liability Coverage: In order to fully pay for damage that you may cause to others, many insurance companies suggest carrying 100/300/50 for your liability limits. That way, anyone that you hurt should be able to be fully compensated and taken care of and you won’t have to worry as much about being sued personally for the amount above your policy limits. It is amazing how quickly medical bills and emotional damages can exceed $25,000.

PIP Coverage: Utah has a no-fault law. Meaning that your own insurance company must cover your medical bills after a car accident regardless of who is at fault. This amount is currently set at $3,000. That gives you access to $3,000, no questions asked for an ambulance ride, emergency room exam, chiropractic treatment, or even physical therapy or massage. Once your personal injury protection fund is exhausted, additional bills would need to be paid for by the at-fault party’s liability policy.

Comprehensive/Collision Coverage: State minimum insurance does nothing to pay for the damage to your own car after an accident. When you barrow money to purchase the car, the bank will typically require comprehensive coverage with a limit of at least the value of the loan. Comprehensive will cover your own car for any damage that happens to it, whether from theft, vandalism, or any other hazard. Collision coverage is also for your own car, but it only covers the damage if caused by a car crash.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage is what kicks in when the other driver has not been responsible. If he or she does not have enough coverage to pay for you claim, and he or she does not have assets to make up the difference, you will need uninsured/underinsured motorist claims. Typically, people with cheap insurance do not have much money. That is why uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage is essential for you to actually feel safe on the road.

The bottom line is that anyone with a clean driving record can get state minimum insurance for ridiculously cheap. Price is not everything when it comes to protecting your family. Auto insurance is a serious matter that should be discussed with a trusted insurance adjustor. Don’t be unpreprepared when disaster strikes. Accidents happen to everyone.

This article is offered only for general information and educational purposes. It is not offered as and does not constitute legal advice or legal opinion. You should not act or rely on any information contained in this article without first seeking the advice of an attorney.

Expedition to America For Foreigners

The land of opportunity makes to its name, especially when it comes to the many attractions and beautiful scenes of America ‘s. There are so many interesting countries and cities on this continent, that of course this is not to deal with only one holiday. Therefore you should consider whether you a journey of discovery in America for As you ride in the form of a tour of the west coast to the east coast, so you can visit as many places at once. Here are a handful of ideas for traveling to America if you’re from a country unfamiliar with the United States. We compiled the travel ideas after going to b & b in southern Utah, that’s where we learned of so many additional things to do and see.

bryce canyon

Across the United States

Those who fancy a bit of adventure and wants to not only stay in a hotel that can with such a tour the major cities and districts of the United States Tour. If you’ve always harbored the hope that the famous Hollywood script, in the City of Angels (Los Angeles) to view live or to enter the ground, strutted on the already Julia Roberts as Pretty Woman, will not be disappointed here. It can then proceed directly to San Francisco. There you can visit including the famous “Alcatraz” prison, which is one of the safest and most famous prisons in the world and was already addressed in countless movies. And for hardcore gamers is natural to recommend only one city. Las Vegas, the city of the player, the live shows and the largest casinos in the world.

Relaxation on the shores of Florida

After all the impressions of the cities and people of the flooded roads, you should allow yourself some quiet, sunny days on the beautiful beaches of Florida. Especially at sunset, the sea of ​​Miami Beach is magical and invites not only for evening walk, but also to celebrate and to pamper the palate. Orlando also has a lot to offer. There you can visit the headquarters of NASA, enter real rockets and talk with the astronauts. Also for excursions for the whole family, there are many options. If you’ve always wanted to pet a dolphin, you must visit “Sea World”. Or you can go to Universal Studios, where there is a 4D cinema and even the possibility herself like Indiana Jones or Tarzan from a vine to shimmy to the other, which makes the great and the little fun.

The land for “everyone”

These are just a few attractions that America has to offer. But one thing is undeniable, it is actually probably the country where everything is possible. Whether someone is interested in the culture, in gambling or the shopping, for all ages and for everyone there is something going on strike. It does not matter whether you are traveling alone, with friends or family, there is always something to discover and it is never boring. At least one expedition this continent is in any case worth!

Photo Credit: Josh Hirschi

Travel Guides: Sick While on Vacation

Probably everyone has had this happen before: For weeks, one looks forward to the dream vacation and once it arrives, there are plagues or other aches and pains. Ugh, may you don’t tolerate the exotic food, the sun has sensitive skin burnt on the first day, you are drowsy or too much of the cold air conditioning. Since it is advantageous to provide a well-equipped first aid kit to have the luggage to be well looked after in the holidays with travel to various diseases and drug agents. This needs to be prepared before the holiday with careful planning.Today you will find out what you should definitely pay attention here.

Thinks first of all of you regularly needed medications for the duration of the holiday. Make certain these are in sufficient quantity in your hand luggage to be still optimally supplied with a possible loss of luggage. We misplaced our luggage on an excursion to Utah for a stay in some Mt Carmel Utah lodging. We payed for our mistakes with a somewhat uncomfortable trip.

A useful basic equipment kit should contain essential remedy for these diseases and conditions:

  • Pain and fever
  • The typical cold symptoms
  • Stomach / intestinal problems
  • Allergies
  • Insect bites
  • Sunburn

Moreover, it is always advisable to a small emergency kit with bandages, plasters, tweezers, scissors, thermometer and wound disinfectant pack. If you are a light sleeper, you should also definitely bring earplugs. In fear of flying to recommend sleeping pills. These calm the nerves and make for a relaxing flight.

In addition, there are of course a few dos and don’ts for a relaxing holiday:

  • Do not drink tap water and eat nothing that has come in contact with tap water
  • Forgo ice cubes
  • Only be roasted / boiled / cooked food to take (eg meat, fish, vegetables)
  • Peel fruit before eating absolutely
  • Drink water only from sealed bottles (but much, at least 2 liters)
  • Alcohol only in moderation
  • Beware of spicy food

And if it caught you once, we still have a few first aid tips and home remedies for you:

What to do …

Sunburn …
quark packs promote rapid healing. Protect the affected area in the next few days before sun absolutely. Badly burned area immediately pour lukewarm water or immerse in water, but no more than 10 minutes. For additional relief cooling gel provides.

Sun allergy …
direct sunlight and intense midday sun 12-15 Clock avoided. The skin get used to the sun. Preventive sunscreen with a high sun protection factor and UVA and UVB filters to apply, cover vulnerable parts of the body through textiles. Cooling envelopes, cortisone creams or antihistamines help in an emergency.

Eagle Suite at Haines Guest House Interior 11 -- Haines, Alaska

Sunstroke …
The first signs are dizziness, nausea, red head, headache. Keep the casualty in the shade with raised head, cool head and neck, where necessary, in the recovery position. Is unconscious, immediately notify an ambulance.

Insect bites … 
Mosquito bite : Regularly rub with a cooling gel or a damp cloth. bee sting : cool regularly. Bees have barbed sting and therefore often remain stuck in the skin. If the stinger is still, see a doctor, this removes the sting. wasp sting : cool down immediately. Observing whether the redness increases. Swelling of the throat in a short time to clear, see a doctor immediately. tick bite , the longer the tick could suck blood, the greater her body. Removal of the tick left to a doctor. Improper removal can be the head of the tick stuck in the skin, the wound is inflamed.

Stomach … or intestinal disorders

For fluid loss drink a lot. Caution: no tap water! Hot drinks (eg herbal tea) soothe the stomach. Hot water bottles and gentle abdominal massage are beneficial.

Sore throat … 
Curd wrap : underline thick curd on a cloth to remove the neck and wrap it with a scarf. Leave for several hours.Particularly helpful in children.

Fever … 
Towels diving in warm water, wring out and wrap around the calves. A thick terry cloth towel over it and cool about 15 minutes. Repeat three times. Do not forget to drink a lot!

Photo Credit:Casey Konstantín

Ski and Winter Travel

The winter is just around the corner and with it the fun in the snow. Now you only have to wait until the white stuff has also covered all the popular ski resorts in America so you can enjoy it to your heart’s content. It isn’t just skiing, but snowmobiling and snowshoeing that draws so many people. We have planned a second snowmobiling trip after we looked at a Utah vacation itinerary planner, which we decided you’ll never be disappointed with spending some winter travel time down there.

Winter sports is one of the most popular leisure activities of the United States, who fear neither cold, frost or snow. Whether on slopes, trails, toboggan runs or just to snowy slopes – the winter driving is popular with both young and old. Those who are lucky its winter sports terrain is right at their doorstep, while others have been driving a little further to indulge in the fun in the snow.

Ober Gatlinburg Skiing

Play as in any leave during the winter holiday, the accommodation a major role. In the cold season, it is especially important to have a well heated holiday accommodation, where you can warm up and relax after a day of skiing. Also important is to have enough space for skis and boots in his “winter home” is. The storage space required for this purpose must not be tempered as cuddly as the accommodation itself, but the room should be airy and not too cold, so the set is Winter sports equipment can dry quickly.

When choosing a resort you should not be afraid to ask if it is possible to dry the sports clothing gets wet overnight reliably without having to use it all the available chairs, sofas, chairs and the like as a substitute for clotheslines. Especially families with young children have a great need for spare clothing that has become quite changed several times a day.

It also can not hurt to look for when booking a holiday lodging for the winter holidays in a warm and spacious feel. Finally, even the most athletic skiers do not spend the whole day from morning to night in the snow, so a cozy corner with sofa and chair is a welcome addition to the otherwise usual furniture. Those who like authentic style, can look for a cottage with fireplace. The crackling fire can spend long winter evenings very pleasant and romantic. In addition, a fire for warmth, which is particularly pleasant at this season and also makes for fatigue.

Winter holidays in the snow can highlight of each year. With a little advance planning and the necessary accessories a winter skiing, sledding, cross country skiing or just relaxing vacation can be an unforgettable experience where you can restore your energy and vitality.

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Diving Vacation Idea’s

Want to take your family on an unforgettable vacation? Why not diving? Take your family out where they will see things they’ve never seen before, and experience the world in a way you just can’t experience it only walking on the ground. It’s even a good vacation ideas for kids. So if you’re up for it, here are some diving tips as well for this family vacation.

Diving in open waters is a highly popular sporting activity all over the world. The extreme forms of diving involve deep-sea diving without any equipment, and trying to cover the maximum depth or distance in a single breath.

But the common form of diving for recreational or commercial purposes is carried out with proper diving equipment in order to ensure longer duration of diving as well as keeping the diver safe.

Diving Pirate Point in Roatan, HondurasPhoto Credit: Marc AuMarc

Scuba Diving is the most popular form of diving, which equips the diver with a supply source of oxygen to allow him to breathe while he explores the underwater world with fins attached to his feet.

SCUBA refers to Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. The modern Scuba Sets are of two kinds:


OPEN-CIRCUIT SCUBA SET: In this case, the diver breathes in from the scuba set, but breathes out into the water. In recent times, usually a single-hose design is used for this purpose. This equipment is cheaper and simpler to use, but it is bulkier and lasts only till the gas supply is available.

CLOSED-CIRCUIT SCUBA SET (OR, “RE-BREATHER”): In this equipment, the diver breathes in from the set, and exhales back also into the set, where the exhaled gas is again re-converted to make it fit for breathing. This is a more complicated equipment, but allows the diver to stay underwater for much longer periods due to its ability to re-cycle the gas.

In both types of equipment sets, a high-pressure cylinder is used for supplying oxygen in compressed form. The cylinder is strapped to the back of the diver’s body.

SNORKELING is a simpler form of underwater free-diving, where the diver’s nose and mouth can remain beneath the surface of water, while he breathes through a small tube known as a “snorkel” that sucks air from outside.

Apart from the Scuba Set or the Snorkeling device, the good divers generally include the following equipment as a part of their diving gear:

DIVING SUIT: A diving suit is a useful gear designed to protect the diver from the hazards of the underwater environs. Wet suits, dry suits, dive skins are three common types of diving suits available.

DIVING HELMETS: These are worn primarily by professional divers who need to explore the rock-bottom surface of the sea.

DIVING MASK: This equipment enables the scuba divers, snorkelers and free-divers to see clearly underwater.

SWIM FINS OR FLIPPERS: These are attached to the feet or legs, and are made from fin-like light rubber or plastic to assist in swimming underwater without much resistance.

DIVING REGULATOR: It is used alongwith a scuba set to regulate the air pressure so as to supply the breathing gas to the diver at an appropriate level.

DIVING WATCH: A typical mariner’s watch will have a water resistance of approximately 500 to 1000 feet. It allows the diver to keep a check on the amount of time that he is spending underwater.

STROBE LIGHT: It is a device that produces regular flashes of light to facilitate the view particularly in the dark or deeper areas of the sea.

Basic Guide to Diamond Buying

Since diamonds are important investments, purchasing one may involve financial commitment as well as an emotional. And for most people, purchasing a diamond is a new experience, some kind of an adventure and it should not be too overwhelming especially if you understand a little about the characteristics of diamonds. I spent some time traveling to find the best guides for this, I did some airline travel to find out some of the characteristics of diamonds to help make this more informative.

Diamond PaperweightPhoto Credit: Steven Depolo

In this light, I would like to share some basics on diamond buying guide.

The first thing that anyone who ever intends to buy a diamond should know is the Four C’s which happen to be; cut, clarity, color and carat weight. Then there is also the Fifth C, which pertains to certification. A little diamond history and general information of diamond is also welcome.

Know Your Diamond

Let us start with learning more about this precious stone. Diamonds are formed in the depth of the earth and they are the hardest natural material ever known to mankind. Hardness of the mineral refers to its resistance to scratches and it is graded from 1 to 10 with the use of Moh’s scale of mineral hardness. Diamond scales 10 therefore it is the hardest and this quality has been recognized since ancient times and the Greek name it was given, adámas actually means unalterable.

The Four C’s of Diamond

·       Cut

When we talk about the diamond cut, it is not the shape of the stone, but rather the stone’s ability to create sparkle and provide brilliance and life. A well-cut diamond is one with well-aligned facets and allows light to refract from the inside and then disperses the light through the diamond top, thus creating sparkle with every movement. Perfect light dispersion results in that beautiful diamond sparkle we all dream of.

·       Clarity

Diamond clarity refers to imperfections or inclusions which are marks that internally blemish the structure of the stone. These small flaws are graded below 10 times magnification, which happens to be the standard in grading diamond clarity. Fewer inclusions mean the diamond is rare and this is the most coveted kind of diamond, thus it is also most expensive.

·       Color

White diamonds should be as white as they can be in order to be deemed rare and very precious. When it comes to color, it doesn’t mean those fancy colored diamonds, which are actually more precious than the white ones. When your jeweler talks about color in reference to diamond, it means the level of whiteness of the stone. Diamond color can range from colorless, nearly colorless, faint yellow, very light yellow and light yellow.

If you want to be sure about the whiteness of a diamond, you should buy it in a white gold or platinum setting. The whiteness of these metals will show off the true whiteness of the diamond.

·       Carat Weight

Diamonds are weighted in carat, therefore carat means measurement and not size. The bigger the carat, the costlier the diamond; that is something that should be taken into consideration when buying diamonds.

The Other C:

·       Certification

Diamond certification is considered as the fifth C when it comes to diamond purchase. This refers to the diamond grading report provided by one of the recognized Gemological laboratories in the world. A certification is the document that proves the authenticity of the stone. If you are out and about traveling around looking for a jeweler, make certain they know what they’re talking about. These are some of the things I found when diamond rings St George.