Playing Golf As Good Exercise

Like any sport, the bold (highlight) golf is afflicted by this saying: ‘ Practice makes perfect ‘. An important agency in convalescent your golf bold is for you to absorb absolutely a lot of time practicing. Whenever you convenience your golf, you better comedy with a variety of clubs, greens, as able-bodied as bold shots in adjustment to comedy best. Here are several golf tips convenience that will aid you in acceptable golf often added:

1. Guarantee acceptable to beat down and puts bad. Whenever you practice, you should see to it that you do not just hit a distant fight because it has an acceptable posture. You must, in addition, advanced care for collateral with bad lays, in fact you should be blessed always appear beyond these safeguards, because they can absolutely accomplish your swings and Duke – Allocation better eye. Many golf meet online , in fact , will acquaint you that you should convenience hitting balls misplaced , so that in a game of all, you charge not anguish about refusing to hit those abominably No guarantee of better golf .

2. Be accommodating whenever you convenience your golf. Patience is the key if you appetite your golf practice to be worthwhile. One of convenience golf tips that you should consistently accumulate in mind, in fact, is to be accommodating whenever you hit the golf balls ‘ practice ‘. What makes their acceptable practices is absolutely not how fast you can hit the balls, but, as you are able to advance your golf beat due to common practice. You should furthermore never award up apart because of bad shots constants. Instead, you should be added, and folded it harder to convalescent your golf bold is absolutely a priority assignment.

3. Make sure you accept the real attitude afore swinging. Part of convenience golf tips you will appear beyond the golf best meet the band is to get you to accept the aspect of power or the real attitude afore accepted his club. Refrain from accepted too fast, how to do an aberration best golfers accident. Each time you convenience your golf, you should conduct further assertion that the fingers anchoring the club properly. Ensuring that you accept the appropriate appearance and appropriate anchor during practice, you are respecting the backpack whenever you comedy ever game, so you authority is one of the greatest golfers.

4. Always respect focused. One of convenience golf tips that should administer the birthday and all amateur golf are focused on fulfilling all times. If you are apart practicing, or you are affianced in absolute competition, you must never lose your focus and concentration. Why? That’s because you’ve distracted the accidental you an acceptable arena in bold may be lost. Convalescent your golf bold (highlight) will never be accessible back you do not convenience your golf regularly. Of course, the use of canonizing and authoritative hints convenience golf, far could become the Tiger adjacent woods.


How to be a Tips good golfer!

Who here likes to venture out new sports? Golf is a good option for those seeking a challenging sport but that does not require much physically. Find out below three key aspects to being a good golfer.


Physical capacity

Keep your mind and body in good shape is a key element in becoming a good player. A good diet and exercise program can help you play better and feel better too. Stays fit and enjoy golf for much longer. To learn more about this program please click here.

Besides increasing physical strength, it is important to do cardiovascular exercise to strengthen the heart. Play a lot of golf can help but you need something that elevates your cardiac beat by at least 30 minutes.


Before starting any exercise program, visit your doctor and do a checkup.

Playing golf may seem easy when you’re watching a tournament on TV but requires technical skill and need. Realize a perfect shot is the result of many hours of instruction and practice.

Knowing which club to use in every situation requires a thorough knowledge of the function of each. In addition to playing a full game, spends a lot of time performing specific putts over and over again.

Looking to organize a regular training program. It is normal to feel the desire to play more and practice less but if you really want to improve your skill, need to practice a lot.

A good player looking to practice two hours each time playing. It is advisable to switch game days with workout days.

Having a good technique and make a good score on the field has to be complimented with a good label. The way it behaves and relates to others in the field is as important as your skill Realize l in golf. Golf is a gentleman’s game. If you take care of your body, your training techniques and develop your character, be a good golfer.


How to have a Financial Plan and Technology for Traveling

Know the tools available to do the work more efficiently and create programs that include new technology options are a must.

Today there is more information available on reservations for airline market and traffic derived from the Global Distribution Systems (GDS, for its acronym in English), formerly known as Computerized Reservation Systems (CRS, for its acronym in English). This technology is used by individual travel agents to deliver notifications for internal use and external to deliver reports to your customers.

The technology for traveling is used by product providers, such as airlines, hotels and car rental companies to analyze productivity and travel agencies to help manage the relationship between the travel agency and the provider. I have found that the vast majority of providers do not realize they can use this information for marketing, route planning, resort development, inventory car and deciding whether to add or reduce inventory or develop new business opportunities. They may also use this information to evaluate their pricing and revenue management strategy. Providers may also use this information to determine the potential for profit.

What I have seen is the realistic use of this data is actually not used at all or at least not used to an extent close to its utility. As often as providers, determine their relationships with travel agencies based on their knowledge of the account or the size of the travel agency. Very often there is no clear understanding of the value of these data for both sides the travel agency and the provider.

Also of Interest

My recommendation is for both parties to try to examine this information regularly internally and determine what are the best ways to create a strategy to address their business relationship. I call this “technology do make money for you.” The better informed you are about what you sell, you will be better positioned to negotiate with suppliers.

I like to point out that not only is the total amount which should be used but also the quality of business that generates a provider. Suppliers may have the need to sell higher value products and quality and may be willing to offer specials and incentives for the sale of these products.
If I were an agency does not expect to find such provider needs to do but that the agency was proactive and ask these promotions based on their own analysis of the data, again, “making technology make money for you.”

Another technology available to travel agents is data from credit cards. You pay fees for using credit cards, so I suggest you negotiate with different suppliers according to the quantity and quality of their customer base to establish future joint promotions. They have a marketing budget to use for this purpose and most often can be introduced third-party products, such as hotels, airlines, car rental companies and tour packages wholesalers.

I remember a former airline CEO once looked at the credit card receipts from the previous days the first order of the day to help establish how he was doing his business, while most of us just looked at each month or each week at the most. This is called “technology that makes money.”

I have to say that as providers become more direct contact with the consumer data GDS and companies Credit cards lose value, and it’s no secret that vendors want to reduce their distribution costs by building a contact strategy direct to the consumer. However, there is much market still use travel agents for their business and believe that travel agents will always have a place in the business world.

The services we can provide care services agency that most companies will not want to take themselves incorporating completely. The public is consumers who will increasingly turn to the web sites of the suppliers with the idea that the direct way is always less expensive. I have found through personal experience that book trips looking at several websites from different vendors is too wasteful unless you know exactly what company and want to use it regardless of price. If the price is my main interest, then a travel agency can offer a better service.

Social networking and interactivity of Web 2.0 are becoming rapidly in new and interesting ways to reach the minds of consumers and their consumption practices. I’ve seen the development of new business from both distribution channels but still use my old channel, which is the direct personal relationship with my phone and my blackberry to communicate with my clients, but use any other technology to determine where the business is headed in the future and how to create strategies for business development.

We strongly recommend that you ask your IT department to help you build your business development strategy of generating a variety of reports, reports recommend perhaps never before been seen and determine if they can help you or other departments of your company intensify its efforts and expand the knowledge base of its customers and suppliers. You may be pleasantly surprised to see that the information was generated and in the same office but was too busy to study it or did not know what questions to ask about your own business.

I see that we often have opportunities in our noses and we did not see them because we are used to analyze only the common reports, and felt very comfortable with this information. The more you know and what you sell, the more tools you will have to negotiate with their suppliers and suppliers can do exactly the same.

Importance of Financial Plan and Technology for traveling

The Financial Plan or Budget Financial Plan is probably the most important part of the business plan. In monetary units – - For in him all the developed and quantified information is collected from each of the action plans, which correspond to each of the functional areas of the company.

It is an essential tool to use when analyzing the economic and financial viability in the short and medium-long term, a business project, in a company created and those that are working and should continue its trajectory expansion and consolidation. Helping us to assess whether the business project to undertake meets the expected returns and expected liquidity, and thus enable us to take appropriate and timely decisions for the company to survive and grow sustainably.

The main objectives to be pursued by any project, at the time of making your Financial Plan, are:

Determine all investments requiring the company to implement it, and then provide those necessary for growth and consolidation thereof; estimating the useful life of such investments.

Identify sources of financing which may be available and should – both their own and others – to carry out the necessary investments, indicating how they are expected to repay the borrowed funds.

These two groups make up the balance sheet items starting the project, and reflected in a document called balance pension situation at start of activity.

From here the operation of the company will be simulated for a specified period, usually encompass the first three years of activity. This simulation is to demonstrate the economic viability of the business, or return it, and the financial viability or solvency. To do this, we must continue making the financial plan, having to:

Reflect estimated sales by business lines or items to sell, sales plan that will be determined according to previous studies developed in the marketing plan. And these expected revenues should be deductibles all projected expenditures (direct costs, operating costs and financial) for the first three years of activity with possible as detailed temporary breakdown for the first year, being recommended by month – to obtain the result of the activity.

Calculate breakeven or breakeven company, and show the expected sales if it exceeds or reaches it.

The difference between these items, income and expenses over a period of time, give us information on the economic viability of the project, i.e. whether the company will make a profit or loss for that period of time, whether the project will to be profitable or not. And in order to do the analysis in a more structured way, allowing us to know what, or which, of the elements affects the outcome more positively (gains or benefits) or negative (losses), these elements are reflected in the document called income statement or pension income.

The next step to make in the business plan is to:

Determining when expected cash movements occur.

According to the operating revenue and expenditure estimates, inflows (receipts) and outflows (payments) of money from each of the time periods set will be reflected.

The document which will be reflected in these movements of money is called: plan or cash budget. And through analysis determine the financial viability of the company, showing whether or not it has sufficient liquidity to survive. – About

So, as it may have gathered, the content of this Chapter of Finance will be based primarily on learning the framework of the financial plan for how to tailor it. To which we become familiar with the elements that compose it and learn how to structure them according to their meaning (investment, financing, costs, expenses, income, payment and collection) in appropriate documents (called financial statements: balance sheet, income gains and losses or income and liquidity plan), so that the information coming out of them are able to analyze the viability of the business plan, and as a result, we take the necessary decisions for the history of the company is adequate.

Which is better LCD monitors, LED or Full HD?

LCD, LED, Full HD, which one to choose? In the market you can find various models, sizes and brands of monitors to your computer, but is not anyone you should buy. Choosing the right equipment depends largely on the needs of each consumer. Explore the features and peculiarities of the output device and the PC is sure to check the basic differences between each monitor before purchasing yours. Moreover, also know what the essentials cares are at the time of maintenance.
Der LG D2342P 3D-LCD-Monitor

Photo Credit: LG Electronics Deutschland GmbH
LCD monitors

The LCD monitors is the most common type of monitor today. Made of polarized liquid crystal to generate the colors, it offers greater precision than the old CRT monitors, better known as tube monitor. Besides a flat screen which eliminates the distortion of images, as happened in the CRT because of its curved screen, it has a low power consumption, size it does not emit harmful radiation health and is able to form a stable, flicker- less tiring sight and if used in the resolution in which it was designed, there’s more quality in the final image. However, the display has increased cost of manufacture contrasts of less quality compared to CRTs and plasma exposed to air and monitors may emit toxic compounds such as zinc oxide. It is estimated that the useful life of the equipment is 20 years.


LED LCD Monitor

The Light Emitting Diode (LED) is a type of lighting. Many people are confused thinking that LED is a type of monitor and the LCD, but no. The monitor LED is still LCD, but the difference is that it is possible to get a more accurate contrast and much larger number of colors, thanks to the quality of the lighting. With the fact that it is stronger, one need less lamps around the screen just consumes less energy and can achieve a thickness much smaller than the other monitor. Normal LCD monitors can do on average 25 000 contrasts per pixel, while LED monitors, are on average 5 million per pixel contrasts.


Full HD LCD Monitor

The monitor is when you have a Full HD resolution of 1920×1200 pixels, giving a 1080p format, which represents the number of lines of vertical resolution. The Full HD is just an additional LCD monitor, which is also not well understood by people. Notebooks in this resolution are rare, although some screens of 13 inches to behave. When the computer is able to display 1080p, but does not have the necessary resolution, even if the user does not perceive clearly, have an image slightly degraded from the original.



Monitor with 24 -inch LED Full HD is good to ensure the visual quality game time, which can be fantastic depending on the game graph. It’s also nice for those people who love to watch movies in high resolution.


In this case, the choice of the monitor will greatly depend on the time when the company official stands in front of the computer. If we are talking about a monitor to a terminal box, for example, an LCD and 15 inch is enough. If this screen cause eyestrain and headaches, it is best to opt for a 19” screen. Companies working with photo editing and auto CAD monitors must have “LCD with LED and 24 “. These are the most comfortable monitors nowadays for anyone who needs a great resolution to work.


Home users

LCD monitors can use between 15 and 19 inches. That’s enough for schoolwork, internet access, e- mails and using text tools, spreadsheets, etc. If the user is also home player or use your computer to work with any of the above functions, you can take tips including your personal computer.


LCD Monitors; Keeping it clean

The weakness of LCD and plasma is responsible for much concern at the time to clean them. Which products should be used? Which should not, in any way? With these tips of Baixaki, you end up with your questions and also with the stains on your monitor, check it out!

CRT (tube ones) have glass screen, so any cleaning glass can be used in this type of monitor. They do not have this LCD glass, and therefore are much more sensitive. The plasma despite having a glass substrate is also very sensitive. Therefore, cleaning them requires special care.


What is prohibited?

Do not use chemicals such as detergent, disinfectants and any other product that has acetone, ammonia, ethyl alcohol, toluene or chloromethane as one of its components. Reactions caused by the use of these substances cause serious damage to the monitor as color fading or the “death” of pixels (read here a special article about dead pixels).

Paper towels, toilet paper, paper towels and shirts should also be avoided since such materials can scratch the screen. Often resorted to this type of utensil, since they’re almost always on hand, but they can cause permanent damage to your monitor.

Learn to clean LCD and plasma without damaging them

Insurance products

The greatest ally cleaning, in this case, is the softness. Cotton, very soft microfiber cloths and brushes are ideal, as they do not damage the surface. Combined, they constitute a kit capable of combating any kind of dirt.


The edges

The edges of LCD and plasma displays are usually made of a durable material, so you can rub them with some force, but always with attention not to hit the screen.

Learn to clean LCD and plasma without damaging them

Basic cleaning

To begin, it is advisable to switch off your monitor. So, you can see the condition of the screen and identify the foci of dirt. If you notice that there is some more solid dirt, remove it before scrubbing to avoid risks. Use a soft brush (stiff bristles can damage the screen) or compressed air to it.

If the monitor does not show stains fingers and fats, and you just want to get rid of dust that normally accumulates, a simple dry cloth should do the trick. The main tip here is to never put pressure on an LCD screen. Just pass the soft cloth with light movements and dust should come out effortlessly.

Learn to clean LCD and plasma without damaging them

Dripping or splashing liquids directly on the monitor screen occur with some frequency. Clean them immediately, preferably with a dry cloth or cotton, because if dry, may warp the screen.

Cleaning heaviest

Fingerprints are common in monitors, practically inevitable. If dry wiping is not enough, the best tip is to use specific products for cleaning the screens of this type. They are easily found in computer stores. Several manufacturers have devoted specific products for cleaning monitors. There are also solutions for cleaning electronics, also recommended because it evaporates quickly and does not stick to the screen. In that case, look for products that have anti-static component, so the dust does not stick so easily.

Learn to clean LCD and plasma without damaging them

Just always remember; never sneeze the cleaning solution directly on the screen as it can to drain the internal components of the monitor. Use the spray on the cloth then pass it on screen. There is no need to exaggerate the amount of the product.

If you do not have a specific product, the water may be a solution. Use a lightly dampened cloth from him gently. Even slightly, a few drops of water are sufficient. Again, remember not to wet the screen directly, but wet the cloth.

A cotton swab moistened also helps. Just watch out to remove any remaining lint with dry soft cloth.

Learn to clean LCD and plasma without damaging them

When using liquid to clean the screen, remember to remove the excess with a soft dry cloth. Also do not forget to turn the monitor only when it is completely dry.

Do not turn your plasma screens!

If you do (meaning “turn” as a 90 ° horizontal, “laying” the monitor), you must wait at least six hours to lift it due to the nature of the product. Also avoid leaving the same frozen screen image for a long time, since the exposure of cells to gases (responsible for generating the image) to the same electrical current during high periods can mark the screen (something that does not happen on monitors and TVs with technology LCD). -


The Future of Health Technology in Our Life

Thanks to advances in applied research and medical technology, we are closer to reaching the age of increased man.
Monitoring systems that let you know the calories you’ve ingested in real time sensors that detect stress and augmented environments provide a layer of information about the products we eat. It is the embedded health, research conducted by the Institute for the Future that collects forecasts of advances in technology and science related to health, for the next decade.
Zoom estimates for 2020.

Photo Credit: US Army Africa
Health Horizons forecast includes a map of 2020.

The Health Horizons Program research group Institute for the Future is to anticipate trends in the coming years the convergence of science, technology and health, especially directed to explore what services and products surround our lives. Also, the ethical dilemmas that may entail.

The forecast map draws a healthier future and quick to prepare food products as well as devices that measure the calories of each product. In this sense and there are examples like 3D printer MIT Media Lab, able to print food. Systems are also expected to display information and simulators that interpret our health data such as blood sugar or blood pressure, and augmented reality environments that provide digital information on the composition of the products. LookTel, for example, has developed a mobile application that recognizes objects and gives information about them in audio, designed for people with vision problems.

Health Horizons the study includes three future scenarios, aimed primarily at showing trends and possibilities, some more desirable than others. The first is a smoker and overweight that want to adopt healthier habits girl. Late in the day, he receives a text message on the mobile with the calories consumed and burned, information it collects a patch attached to his arm. At home, the girl is wearing augmented reality glasses that recognize caloric foods and marked as hazardous. It also carries a chip on his neck that releases electric shocks if you think of lighting up.

Another scenario is focused on reducing stress at work. Displays an office of the future with webcams that detect facial expressions and bracelets to record vital signs of workers. If someone has signs of stress, get alerts to your mail to take a breath and light changes color your desk so no one bothers you for a while.

The third scenario is in a local community created to care for both the elderly and their families. At school community only healthy food grown in local public spaces, while foods with too much fat or sugar are banned in store service. In restaurants rates to less healthy choices apply, and that money is used to fund community vegetable cultivation. In the houses there are sensors that detect mobility problems in older people, and if someone takes too much time lying on the couch. If so, there comes a text message proposing alternatives to continue sitting activities.

The relationship between technology and health sciences have been widely discussed in Think Big, from advanced bionic eye prosthesis as the Argus II, to Alzheimer’s research using Big Data, through issues such as the integration of robotic elements in our bodies. The potential of health technology are apparently open and endless.

And that despite the advances that medicine has known since the early twentieth century, it was not until the nineties that has begun to incorporate information technology and communication as tools of progress and improvement.

Then begins a phase which we may call the “digitization of medicine” which includes aspects such as the computerization of medical records of patients, and the possibility that they are shared among different medical centers and teaching hospitals, digital imaging and diagnostics or online management appointments and consultations. All this contributes to the health system saves time and money, and gains in efficiency.

Currently we can speak of a new era in technology applied to medicine, some experts call the “personal health” and being analyzed in a recent monograph of Fundación Telefónica, ICT and personal health.

We are in a phase where ICT developments and applications occur extremely rapidly (sometimes in a disruptive manner) hitting hard in medical science. The most affected areas are mainly the processing and monitoring of health, disease diagnosis and research and dissemination in medicine.

As an example of applied technology research, recently reported about a Dutch brain scanning technique that can get to rebuild the thoughts. We also did echo in this line of work of an MIT video game that helps map the brain.

Internet is a powerful educational tool and information on diseases, epidemics and health care and social networks allow inform people in real time about any aspect of individual or collective health importance.
The man of the future increased

This frenetic pace of medical innovation allows us to predict a new future phase of evolution in which talk about “increased health” and in which the possibilities opened by technology even more spectacular, including things like 3D printing organs and bones, nanorobots inside our body or self-diagnosis of diseases.

ICT and personal health publication allows us to conceive the following future trends in medicine:

Self testing of all diseases – The developments of diagnostic devices allows us to have them at home and submit to self-test in order to detect diseases. Smartphone and other mobile devices play a key role in health care.
3D Printing organs – The printing of complex organs in 3D sounds very futuristic but it is something that is already experiencing at MIT, namely printing 3D human bones that allow solving fractures.
Biomimicri / nanobots – Get new component designs but with increased capacity, usually using nanotechnology. Nanotechnology is one of the most interesting in medicine by offering the possibility to insert nanorobots in the human body to support the functions of the body to correct problems or fields. An example of this is presented in Think Big in August, the use of robots to prevent thrombosis.
The grown man – A final aspect that describes the report as a new extension of the concept of health, which means “no longer to maintain an acceptable level of health parameters to prevent a deterioration of the body, but get superior capabilities with the use of technologies, technological prostheses or implants. “concepts appear here as the” Body Hacking “, a series of techniques to” tune “the human body components for new functions.

Family Friendly Destinations: Vacations your Kids

As we approach and the summer season and probably trips you’re wondering what the best way to carry your baby. The most important thing is your safety.

If you travel by car, the answer is quite simple: the best way to carry your baby is on a special chair for the car in the back seat. You should never put a child in the front seat of a car that has airbags. If less than one year, should go looking back and after three years can go into a booster type seat that rises to the car safety belt fits properly. These are some of the things that we had to worry about when we did a tour in Zion National park.

San Diego Zoo - Best Value Ticket - Included with Go San Diego Card

Photo Credit: Smart Destinations

Travelling by Plane

The issue is complicated somewhat when the trip involves getting on an airplane. For starters, many parents do not know how long can lead to newborn. The answer depends primarily on the pediatrician, who according to the weight of the child and his health should endorse. In general, and for reference only, it is advisable to wait until the baby is over 2 weeks, hopefully 3 before uploading it to a plane.

Yes, there are parents who prefer to wait for the baby and have their first shots , mostly because the aircraft airports and the child will be exposed to many germs by the large number of people who go to those places.

If the child is traveling by plane is infant should breastfeed during takeoff and landing. In this way we can prevent the atmospheric pressure change will cause earache. In case you take a bottle (although I have no personal experience on this), I feel that the suction bottle also relieve ear pressure.

If you breastfeed your baby, remember to carry breastfeeding nursing pads enough for +1 day of the journey , and at least one change of nursing bra and blouse if you got here to get dirty . If you use ultra pure lanolin, remember take too.

If the child eats other foods, should bring home- cooked and vacuum-packed. So we made sure to have meals that are pleasing to the hand and avoid a possible allergic reaction is digestive upset or food to give ourselves we have not prepared baby. I took vegetable risotto and homemade applesauce, packaged in containers that previously sterilized and boiled for half an hour after their lids tightly screwed. Before the trip, knowing beforehand the duration (over 20 hours) , I prepared a batch of risotto and compote, the vacuum container and left at room temperature checking that lasted about 30 hours in good condition . Being vacuum packed food in sterile containers does not break down, even without refrigeration, but should be tested before the trip to be sure and following these are surely have fun  having  a Best Kid friendly Vacations.

Bring many reusable plastic spoons as possible. Every time you serve food during the flight canister, we use a clean spoon. If we introduce a spoon that we have earlier in the baby’s mouth, will accelerate the breakdown of food, especially by leaving them at room temperature. So we can take , or ask the flight attendant and serve a glass cleaner there the food portion of the baby usually eat in one sitting , feeding him with another spoon , and reserving a clean to serve more . I mention this, because I used containers that housed 2-3 servings, not to carry as many containers. The spoons were reusable, and dried with a paper towel and kept in a sealing bag to wash them all at home when he arrived.

If the child drinks water and juice in small bottles should bring from home. Despite the restriction of fluids to pass airport controls, usually allow the baby to pass drinks.

Bring a bottle of water sports to keep you hydrated. Breastfeeding mothers usually drink enough water and dehydrated on planes usually more than being on land. If you take the full bottle, surely drink it before boarding the plane. Should take her now empty, is much more comfortable asking a stewardess fill us rather than ask (micro) glasses of water every 15 minutes or when you need a sip. Need I say it’s best to avoid drinking alcohol?

If you get hungry often, pack healthy snacks to eat snacks, such as nuts, cookies, etc. If your baby usually transportable snack something, take it with you too. Sometimes, they spend many hours between a meal ticket and another, and we get hungry between meals, so you should have on hand something to refuel.

Bring a scarf or some other ergonomic sling easy to install. One of the biggest concerns I had (do not laugh), was how to go to the bathroom on the plane. I was not at all prepared to follow one of the tips I got : ” but do not worry , leave the baby in the arms of a flight attendant a moment, sure I take good care ” or “I ask the favor to which you have in the seat beside you care what a moment . ” So, in my opinion, the best way to go to the bathroom during the flight and the rest of the trip is with the child strapped to her back. Justitos fit both in the sink, the child will be comfortable and calm mom.

If your baby is younger than 1 year, you should always carry Maxi Cosi, in fact, safety seats for cars fit perfectly to the seat of the aircraft. In this case touches either query the remaining empty seats on the flight, or pay a ticket to the baby. I felt much calmer and, during takeoff and landing, with the child in her lap, a cinturoncito tied around the waist that did not protect him at all in case of turbulence. If you take the Maxi Cosi, will have to decide whether or not you take the chassis of the stroller or if you will use it only as a car seat (taking it later in the hand).

Bring small toys, light and fun, some relatives, may be your favorites, and new ones to take more time analyzing ;)

Remember to pack enough diapers, wipes and changes of clothes for the entire travel period + 1 extra day. If you usually use cream for diaper area, ask for a sample at the pharmacy, or attempts to transfer some into a tiny container. The clothes should, if possible, coordinate all together, so that if the baby spits and stain e.g. shirt, not having to change all clothing, and also not having to dig into the bag, but know that out whatever happens, it will be well with what is still wearing :)

As mentioned earlier, flying dehydrates us, not only makes us want to drink more water, but can also resected much skin. This carries a tiny moisturizer (can be a Nivea tin, the tiny) and a bar of cocoa butter lip. The cream will serve both you and the baby in case you come to feel tension.

Talk to the travel agency, and seeks the shortest route, and transshipments medium. Note that if you have a very short transfer time and you have to carry a bag , baby , hand luggage , wallet, and possibly the Maxi Cosi , cannot be reached in 10 minutes from one end of an airport (possibly unknown , or recently renovated) on the other . Also, if the first flight were to be delayed a bit, having a medium scale time, give you time to get to the connecting flight calmly. It also transatlantic flights if possible, are chosen at night, so we have more opportunities for children to sleep a few hours if you are traveling by day and jet-lagged.

When transporting a stroller and / or Maxi Cosi, talk to the airline about their policies on the subject. It is really horrible to board a flight with a Maxi Cosi, under the promise that they will exchange your chassis to get off the first plane and meet the surprise that I delivered to the second flight down, you must get to board the connecting flight with the Maxi Cost, the child, the diaper bag, your carry-on bag, and your wallet, who has 5 arms?

Try to go as light as possible of luggage (I know, it’s very, very difficult). If you find yourself drowning in so many things to upload, talk to the flight attendant and ask him to call for the disabled, there may

Once you have decided to travel by plane, planning is very important. The first is to notify the airline that you travel with a baby, so you try to assign a seat that is more comfortable. Surely they will ask the age of the child to determine if he should charge half-fare or not. In general, airlines do not require buy half-fare for children less than 2 years.

Important things to prepare having Best Kid friendly Vacations

Another thing that is important to plan is the travel schedule. Would you get on a flight quota match bedtime of your child, as it will make the journey easier? The smaller is your baby, the easier it will, because the only important thing is to feed and move it. Older babies instead require more attention, because they need that fun. In that case, it takes a couple of toys (hopefully not make too much noise so that other passengers do not claim). And if your little one is walking, you have to pay close attention so that you will not escape through the corridors.

Something fundamental is to bring plenty of food for your baby. If you give chest, it is obviously easier, but if bottle feeding (bottle, bottle or nipple) you have to calculate a lot of formula for the journey. There are times when flights are delayed, so you should always about food for the child to be missing. If you are old enough , take in your hand bag various snacks or “snacks” do not spoil out of the refrigerator such as cookies , juice, long life milk ( in Tetra pack ) , cereal or strained . The stewardess you can heat the milk or cast if you ask.

It is also crucial to bring enough diapers and paper towels to clean your baby. It is bringing a change of clothes in case you stain or wet. And something very useful: it takes alone sealed bags (zip lock type) to store dirty clothes or anything that is wet.

Safety first

Do not think we left the issue of security for last because it’s not important. Quite the contrary. There are several precautions to take when you take your baby on a plane.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP for its acronym in English) for example says that all children need to have their own seats on airplanes. So far , it is not mandatory to use safety seats as the car when carrying a child on board, however, the group is asking pediatric longer optional .

AAP experts ask that children under 1 year who weigh less than 9 kilos go in a safety seat for babies who look back, as used in the car. Prior to use in the plane which is used in the car, it must be ensured that says explicitly that has been approved for use on an airplane. This is important because the chairs with a width exceeding 16 inches or 40 inches will not fit. The over one year weighing up to 40 pounds or 18 kilos should be in a car seat that faces forward.

Children weighing more than 18 kilos or 20 pounds must be in your seat with the seat belt fastened firmly plane. The AAP says that its recommendations are necessary to protect children in the event of turbulence, which is the leading cause of nonfatal injuries to passengers.

The problem is that unless you’ve bought a half-fare for your baby or that the airline is kind enough to block your seat next to you probably will not have where to put a safety seat for babies.

Once you reach your destination

If no change of time, your first concern must be the welfare of your baby. Although uncomfortable, try to be bound by your schedule to avoid tantrums. The first day can be tricky; especially if your baby gets up at dawn, but with the passage of day’s maybe you can courier little by little nap schedule or meals. Yes, it’s not worth it unless you go longer than a week in the place.

In case there is a climate very different from what they are used, take care of your baby, but do not overdo it. If it’s cold, dress it with layers of clothes but do not cherish exaggerated, as it can make you very ill. If it is summer, it is easier, because all you have to be careful is with the breezes, air conditioners or sudden temperature changes. – Wikihow

And before we parted, we offer one last tip: take lots of pictures to remember the beautiful moments that are living.