Diving Vacation Idea’s

Want to take your family on an unforgettable vacation? Why not diving? Take your family out where they will see things they’ve never seen before, and experience the world in a way you just can’t experience it only walking on the ground. It’s even a good vacation ideas for kids. So if you’re up for it, here are some diving tips as well for this family vacation.

Diving in open waters is a highly popular sporting activity all over the world. The extreme forms of diving involve deep-sea diving without any equipment, and trying to cover the maximum depth or distance in a single breath.

But the common form of diving for recreational or commercial purposes is carried out with proper diving equipment in order to ensure longer duration of diving as well as keeping the diver safe.

Diving Pirate Point in Roatan, HondurasPhoto Credit: Marc AuMarc

Scuba Diving is the most popular form of diving, which equips the diver with a supply source of oxygen to allow him to breathe while he explores the underwater world with fins attached to his feet.

SCUBA refers to Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. The modern Scuba Sets are of two kinds:


OPEN-CIRCUIT SCUBA SET: In this case, the diver breathes in from the scuba set, but breathes out into the water. In recent times, usually a single-hose design is used for this purpose. This equipment is cheaper and simpler to use, but it is bulkier and lasts only till the gas supply is available.

CLOSED-CIRCUIT SCUBA SET (OR, “RE-BREATHER”): In this equipment, the diver breathes in from the set, and exhales back also into the set, where the exhaled gas is again re-converted to make it fit for breathing. This is a more complicated equipment, but allows the diver to stay underwater for much longer periods due to its ability to re-cycle the gas.

In both types of equipment sets, a high-pressure cylinder is used for supplying oxygen in compressed form. The cylinder is strapped to the back of the diver’s body.

SNORKELING is a simpler form of underwater free-diving, where the diver’s nose and mouth can remain beneath the surface of water, while he breathes through a small tube known as a “snorkel” that sucks air from outside.

Apart from the Scuba Set or the Snorkeling device, the good divers generally include the following equipment as a part of their diving gear:

DIVING SUIT: A diving suit is a useful gear designed to protect the diver from the hazards of the underwater environs. Wet suits, dry suits, dive skins are three common types of diving suits available.

DIVING HELMETS: These are worn primarily by professional divers who need to explore the rock-bottom surface of the sea.

DIVING MASK: This equipment enables the scuba divers, snorkelers and free-divers to see clearly underwater.

SWIM FINS OR FLIPPERS: These are attached to the feet or legs, and are made from fin-like light rubber or plastic to assist in swimming underwater without much resistance.

DIVING REGULATOR: It is used alongwith a scuba set to regulate the air pressure so as to supply the breathing gas to the diver at an appropriate level.

DIVING WATCH: A typical mariner’s watch will have a water resistance of approximately 500 to 1000 feet. It allows the diver to keep a check on the amount of time that he is spending underwater.

STROBE LIGHT: It is a device that produces regular flashes of light to facilitate the view particularly in the dark or deeper areas of the sea.