Family Friendly Destinations: Vacations your Kids

As we approach and the summer season and probably trips you’re wondering what the best way to carry your baby. The most important thing is your safety.

If you travel by car, the answer is quite simple: the best way to carry your baby is on a special chair for the car in the back seat. You should never put a child in the front seat of a car that has airbags. If less than one year, should go looking back and after three years can go into a booster type seat that rises to the car safety belt fits properly. These are some of the things that we had to worry about when we did a tour in Zion National park.

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Travelling by Plane

The issue is complicated somewhat when the trip involves getting on an airplane. For starters, many parents do not know how long can lead to newborn. The answer depends primarily on the pediatrician, who according to the weight of the child and his health should endorse. In general, and for reference only, it is advisable to wait until the baby is over 2 weeks, hopefully 3 before uploading it to a plane.

Yes, there are parents who prefer to wait for the baby and have their first shots , mostly because the aircraft airports and the child will be exposed to many germs by the large number of people who go to those places.

If the child is traveling by plane is infant should breastfeed during takeoff and landing. In this way we can prevent the atmospheric pressure change will cause earache. In case you take a bottle (although I have no personal experience on this), I feel that the suction bottle also relieve ear pressure.

If you breastfeed your baby, remember to carry breastfeeding nursing pads enough for +1 day of the journey , and at least one change of nursing bra and blouse if you got here to get dirty . If you use ultra pure lanolin, remember take too.

If the child eats other foods, should bring home- cooked and vacuum-packed. So we made sure to have meals that are pleasing to the hand and avoid a possible allergic reaction is digestive upset or food to give ourselves we have not prepared baby. I took vegetable risotto and homemade applesauce, packaged in containers that previously sterilized and boiled for half an hour after their lids tightly screwed. Before the trip, knowing beforehand the duration (over 20 hours) , I prepared a batch of risotto and compote, the vacuum container and left at room temperature checking that lasted about 30 hours in good condition . Being vacuum packed food in sterile containers does not break down, even without refrigeration, but should be tested before the trip to be sure and following these are surely have fun  having  a Best Kid friendly Vacations.

Bring many reusable plastic spoons as possible. Every time you serve food during the flight canister, we use a clean spoon. If we introduce a spoon that we have earlier in the baby’s mouth, will accelerate the breakdown of food, especially by leaving them at room temperature. So we can take , or ask the flight attendant and serve a glass cleaner there the food portion of the baby usually eat in one sitting , feeding him with another spoon , and reserving a clean to serve more . I mention this, because I used containers that housed 2-3 servings, not to carry as many containers. The spoons were reusable, and dried with a paper towel and kept in a sealing bag to wash them all at home when he arrived.

If the child drinks water and juice in small bottles should bring from home. Despite the restriction of fluids to pass airport controls, usually allow the baby to pass drinks.

Bring a bottle of water sports to keep you hydrated. Breastfeeding mothers usually drink enough water and dehydrated on planes usually more than being on land. If you take the full bottle, surely drink it before boarding the plane. Should take her now empty, is much more comfortable asking a stewardess fill us rather than ask (micro) glasses of water every 15 minutes or when you need a sip. Need I say it’s best to avoid drinking alcohol?

If you get hungry often, pack healthy snacks to eat snacks, such as nuts, cookies, etc. If your baby usually transportable snack something, take it with you too. Sometimes, they spend many hours between a meal ticket and another, and we get hungry between meals, so you should have on hand something to refuel.

Bring a scarf or some other ergonomic sling easy to install. One of the biggest concerns I had (do not laugh), was how to go to the bathroom on the plane. I was not at all prepared to follow one of the tips I got : ” but do not worry , leave the baby in the arms of a flight attendant a moment, sure I take good care ” or “I ask the favor to which you have in the seat beside you care what a moment . ” So, in my opinion, the best way to go to the bathroom during the flight and the rest of the trip is with the child strapped to her back. Justitos fit both in the sink, the child will be comfortable and calm mom.

If your baby is younger than 1 year, you should always carry Maxi Cosi, in fact, safety seats for cars fit perfectly to the seat of the aircraft. In this case touches either query the remaining empty seats on the flight, or pay a ticket to the baby. I felt much calmer and, during takeoff and landing, with the child in her lap, a cinturoncito tied around the waist that did not protect him at all in case of turbulence. If you take the Maxi Cosi, will have to decide whether or not you take the chassis of the stroller or if you will use it only as a car seat (taking it later in the hand).

Bring small toys, light and fun, some relatives, may be your favorites, and new ones to take more time analyzing ;)

Remember to pack enough diapers, wipes and changes of clothes for the entire travel period + 1 extra day. If you usually use cream for diaper area, ask for a sample at the pharmacy, or attempts to transfer some into a tiny container. The clothes should, if possible, coordinate all together, so that if the baby spits and stain e.g. shirt, not having to change all clothing, and also not having to dig into the bag, but know that out whatever happens, it will be well with what is still wearing :)

As mentioned earlier, flying dehydrates us, not only makes us want to drink more water, but can also resected much skin. This carries a tiny moisturizer (can be a Nivea tin, the tiny) and a bar of cocoa butter lip. The cream will serve both you and the baby in case you come to feel tension.

Talk to the travel agency, and seeks the shortest route, and transshipments medium. Note that if you have a very short transfer time and you have to carry a bag , baby , hand luggage , wallet, and possibly the Maxi Cosi , cannot be reached in 10 minutes from one end of an airport (possibly unknown , or recently renovated) on the other . Also, if the first flight were to be delayed a bit, having a medium scale time, give you time to get to the connecting flight calmly. It also transatlantic flights if possible, are chosen at night, so we have more opportunities for children to sleep a few hours if you are traveling by day and jet-lagged.

When transporting a stroller and / or Maxi Cosi, talk to the airline about their policies on the subject. It is really horrible to board a flight with a Maxi Cosi, under the promise that they will exchange your chassis to get off the first plane and meet the surprise that I delivered to the second flight down, you must get to board the connecting flight with the Maxi Cost, the child, the diaper bag, your carry-on bag, and your wallet, who has 5 arms?

Try to go as light as possible of luggage (I know, it’s very, very difficult). If you find yourself drowning in so many things to upload, talk to the flight attendant and ask him to call for the disabled, there may

Once you have decided to travel by plane, planning is very important. The first is to notify the airline that you travel with a baby, so you try to assign a seat that is more comfortable. Surely they will ask the age of the child to determine if he should charge half-fare or not. In general, airlines do not require buy half-fare for children less than 2 years.

Important things to prepare having Best Kid friendly Vacations

Another thing that is important to plan is the travel schedule. Would you get on a flight quota match bedtime of your child, as it will make the journey easier? The smaller is your baby, the easier it will, because the only important thing is to feed and move it. Older babies instead require more attention, because they need that fun. In that case, it takes a couple of toys (hopefully not make too much noise so that other passengers do not claim). And if your little one is walking, you have to pay close attention so that you will not escape through the corridors.

Something fundamental is to bring plenty of food for your baby. If you give chest, it is obviously easier, but if bottle feeding (bottle, bottle or nipple) you have to calculate a lot of formula for the journey. There are times when flights are delayed, so you should always about food for the child to be missing. If you are old enough , take in your hand bag various snacks or “snacks” do not spoil out of the refrigerator such as cookies , juice, long life milk ( in Tetra pack ) , cereal or strained . The stewardess you can heat the milk or cast if you ask.

It is also crucial to bring enough diapers and paper towels to clean your baby. It is bringing a change of clothes in case you stain or wet. And something very useful: it takes alone sealed bags (zip lock type) to store dirty clothes or anything that is wet.

Safety first

Do not think we left the issue of security for last because it’s not important. Quite the contrary. There are several precautions to take when you take your baby on a plane.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP for its acronym in English) for example says that all children need to have their own seats on airplanes. So far , it is not mandatory to use safety seats as the car when carrying a child on board, however, the group is asking pediatric longer optional .

AAP experts ask that children under 1 year who weigh less than 9 kilos go in a safety seat for babies who look back, as used in the car. Prior to use in the plane which is used in the car, it must be ensured that says explicitly that has been approved for use on an airplane. This is important because the chairs with a width exceeding 16 inches or 40 inches will not fit. The over one year weighing up to 40 pounds or 18 kilos should be in a car seat that faces forward.

Children weighing more than 18 kilos or 20 pounds must be in your seat with the seat belt fastened firmly plane. The AAP says that its recommendations are necessary to protect children in the event of turbulence, which is the leading cause of nonfatal injuries to passengers.

The problem is that unless you’ve bought a half-fare for your baby or that the airline is kind enough to block your seat next to you probably will not have where to put a safety seat for babies.

Once you reach your destination

If no change of time, your first concern must be the welfare of your baby. Although uncomfortable, try to be bound by your schedule to avoid tantrums. The first day can be tricky; especially if your baby gets up at dawn, but with the passage of day’s maybe you can courier little by little nap schedule or meals. Yes, it’s not worth it unless you go longer than a week in the place.

In case there is a climate very different from what they are used, take care of your baby, but do not overdo it. If it’s cold, dress it with layers of clothes but do not cherish exaggerated, as it can make you very ill. If it is summer, it is easier, because all you have to be careful is with the breezes, air conditioners or sudden temperature changes. – Wikihow

And before we parted, we offer one last tip: take lots of pictures to remember the beautiful moments that are living.