Internet Advertising and LED Flashers

Internet Advertising

Internet has certainly been a major breakthrough in the world of advertising, but also served to be increased acts of trademark infringement and unfair competition. We will now see two cases of trademark infringement that have had an impact by involving prestigious brand owners and major service providers of the information society.


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The Ad Words system is a new form of advertising which the advertiser pays the search engine (Google) to have their ads appear in searches made by users to enter a “keyword”. Being introduced the word; the ad appears, well above either the right side of the search results.

The Ad Words advertising system has been the subject of legal proceedings in different countries, at the request of trademark owners who believe their rights violated to allow users, through the introduction of its trademarks as “keywords”, can access the purchase of counterfeit products or competitor products.

Interestingly lawsuit between Louis Vuitton and GOOGLE, who was elevated to the Court of Justice of the European Union, the Court determining that Google, to provide a service storing keywords referencing shared by brands on behalf of their customers did not incur in trade mark infringement, as there is a use by you of the marks to distinguish goods or services identical to those covered by those. The Court held that the referencing service provider, to the extent that the role play is neutral, i.e. their behavior is merely technical, automatic and passive, with no knowledge or control of the information stored, it incurs unless liability becomes aware that the advertiser is using the trademark illegal and if so failed to act expeditiously to remove or prevent access to them.

However, the Court did consider that the advertiser pays for the referencing service and choosing as a keyword a trademark on the other infringement to mark when the ad does not allow the Internet user to clearly determine whether the goods or services come from trademark holder or a third party.

More recently, the Court has had to return to rule, in a judgment of July 12, 2011, on the problems caused by Internet advertising, this time in the proceedings in which they were involved L’Oreal and eBay.

EBay manages an online electronic marketplace where users can buy and sell products, and also show ads of products offered by people who have eBay seller account. EBay also assists marketers to optimize their offerings, create their online stores, and enables, by selecting keywords through “Ad Words”, see the website link to eBay.

Certain individual defendants offered for sale products either by being forged, either because they are genuine products not intended for sale (samples to consumers), or sold without packaging, L’Oreal felt that they were infringing its trademark rights, and indeed, as determined by the Court.

On the role played by the electronic market operator, and following the doctrine marked in the previous sentence, the Court considers that the service provider does not use the brand establishing infringement when providing a service that is limited to allow their customers submit, on its website, signs corresponding to trademarks. But when the manager plays an active role, allowing you to have knowledge of the details of the offers, when providing the services is to optimize the design of the bids or promote them, or even when not having played an active role of acting diligence, should have inferred the illicit nature of the deals, not acting in this case the data quickly removing or disabling access to, then it must be understood that incurs responsibility. It shall be the national court to determine whether the eBay concur in these circumstances.

In short, although for trademark holders easier take legal action against service providers who sue multiple offenders of their trademarks on the Internet, only declare the liability of providers to the extent that they perform this active role that allows them to have control over the data they store or otherwise have knowledge of the illegality of the actions of their customers.


LED Flashers for shops and stores


The main function of lighted sings is to allow users to recognize your listing, identifying, basically, thanks to his name. Other functions are to show a list of products and / or services and contact details. The development of LED technology has led one step further making them true foreign media.

LED Flashers, thanks to LED technology, are becoming more than mere identity supports an establishment. This type of electronic LED signs allows you to also display information of all kinds and as moving text. Its high brightness attracts attention even in daylight, making your business stand out and differentiate themselves positively from the rest of their environment. But this is only the beginning. Signs advertising graphics are a new type of large format poster reproduced actual video image provided luminosity and dynamism that will make your trade is really the center of attention. You can also display pictures and videos of your products, animations, custom text moving, promotions, offers, discounts and all you can imagine. If you are looking neon signs really effective for your shop or business please contact us and we will inform you without obligation.